Saturday, October 2, 2010

Summary of Grundtvig Project "No more tears"

The purpose of this project is to minimise the occurrence of violence at school and in family behaviors by means of a thorough collaboration between the school and the parents, as well as to provide training to teachers/parents/students in conflict mediation and in the promotion of an assertive behavior. Family will have an important part within this project. Qualified studies show that 54% of aggressive young people come from families experiencing permanent arguments and serious, repeated conflicts. A sound, stable family environment will give the child balance and security, which is why we will be using informal training methods to enhance the parents’ ability to communicate and solve conflicts. One of the social and educational issues we have identified during these last few years is  physical and verbal abuse on the part of school children when relating to their family and peers. We will be able to identify, compare and analyze methods and examples of good practice in conflict mediation that each partner school uses. We will make beneficial experience exchanges and give examples of good practice in order to reduce violence and we will jointly elaborate a schedule and a training material for teachers, parents and students within the framework of the project .During the first year we will make case studies and will design activities meant to identify the main factors which bring along family and school violence, while debating on a number of methods used to prevent violence and solve conflicts. During the second year we will design the training material and will hold peer-parents, peer-students and peer-teachers consultations concerning "The reduction of family and school violence”.
The project will be a bridge between all the partners who will  share their culture.

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