Saturday, October 2, 2010

Description of the organisation from Austria

IFMIK is an NGO located in Vienna, Austria. Our institute offers different courses for students, parents and adult learners. Most of our courses are language courses for German, Hungarian and English but also psychology, seminars etc..  Our colleagues are well trained trainer with pedagogical diploma, but learning new methods is always very important for them. There is a tendency in a modern society that  busy parents devote less attention to their children and in many cases it leads to problematic contacts between parents and their children. Parents would benefit a lot because during the meetings they express the opinions that they need new knowledge in psychology
We want to take part in the European cooperation project  because: Participation in project motivates students to learn, parents to support their children more and teachers to use new methods and with this project they can feel more near to the European Community and understand the other nationalities more.
The aims of participation:
-parents’ motivation
-teachers’ development
Many of our students are migrants an so at risk of social exclusion.

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