Saturday, October 2, 2010

Description of the organisation from Romania

The “Tudor Arghezi” Theoretical High School is situated in the South-Western part of Romania in the city of Craiova. This is an under-privileged area from a social and economic point of view. Our pupils are part of the middle class and they come from Craiova’ s neighborhoods, as well as from other villages of Oltenia. The “Tudor Arghezi” Theoretical High School provides a primary, a secondary and  an upper study system, but are students enrolled at the Maximum Security Penitentiary. They present a high risk of social exclusion;they are aged and have learning difficulties. The  students’ parents have modest social backgrounds, and most of them don’t have access to any means of information.We’ve identified among the parents the need to be trained, to talk, to express their opinions about their problems and we would like to find solutions to this need. School is the first, most important factor, but it cannot work alone. It needs the family, the community, and the entire society in order to support and guide students in growing up. We wish to get involved in this partnership because we are aware of the fact that school success is strictly related to how active their parents are in providing them with a good education. Parents and schools should work together to help students achieve as much as they can in their school life.
One of the social and educational issues we have identified during these last few years is  physical and verbal abuse on the part of school children when relating to their family and peers. Schools and community groups are increasingly under pressure to respond to a lot of social issues and anti-social behavior members of our team are all involved in different activities aimed to reduce school violence. They are trainers, managers, one teacher responsible for a specific committee within our school and another member of this committee. We will promote: a European cultural space, responsibility, tolerance, openness to dialogue.

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