Saturday, October 2, 2010


  • promotion of examples of good practice by sharing our experience in reducing school and family violence with other schools from other countries; 
  • professional development of the staff involved in education (teachers, parents, managers); 
  • promotion of the cooperation between various organizations involved in adults’ education throughout Europe; 
  • promotion of the cooperation between informal and formal education systems from various countries; 
  • development of innovative practices in adults’ education; 
  • elaboration of useful educational devices for all European institutions providing formal and informal education: a manual, DVD-s containing movies and other presentations, a Project blog, a chat on the reduction of school and family violence and on adult education;
  • improvement of linguistic, computer, inter-cultural skills on the part of both parents and students; 
  • enhancement of the development of mediation skills for parents, students and teachers, by holding peer-parents,  peer-students and peer-teachers consultations concerning "The reduction of school and family violence”; 
  • consolidation of the relationships between school, the parents and the local community; 
  • case studies aimed at identifying the main factors which bring along violence between students and teachers; 
  • promotion of a set of measures that can be taken in order to reduce school violence; 
  • open to diversity and presenting the basics of democracy;
  • democratic decision making and social responsibility, basic social and emotional abilities; 
  • promotion of tolerance and responsible behavior, with no physical or verbal abuse neither within the family nor at school;
since the development of a child’s personality is 70% influenced by family, and so is school integration, we will train teachers and parents in order to ensure a safe environment at home and at school, with no violence. 
We will address issues such as violence in the family and schools, the violence caused by media and also internet, experience exchanges,  solving conflicts, social responsibility, open to diversity, democratic ABC.

parents, teachers and students will be involved in all the activities that this project will contain, such as informal education, trainings,  seminars, publications, web pages, brochures,  workshop, conferences, symposiums.

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