Saturday, October 2, 2010

Description of the organisation from Turkey

Seyhan District National Education Directorates is responsible for the central administration of all aspects of education and related services in Seyhan district of Adana. The Directorate’s main areas of responsibility are in pre-school, primary, post-primary and special education; the youth service; the promotion of community relations within and between schools; and teacher education. The Directorate also aims to ensure that children, through participation at schools, reach the, highest possible standards of educational achievement. The Department also promotes personal well-being and social development for adults, so that they gain the knowledge, skills and experience to reach their full potential as valued individuals.
At present, the Education Department of Seyhan can be categorized into three (three) different entities viz.
(1) Department of Education (Pre Primary and Primary)
(2) Department of Education (Secondary Education)
(3) Department of Adult Education.

Seyhan Provincial  Directorate of National Education has great potential of  teachers. Therefore there is also great potential for taking an active role in this project and implementing best practice findings, creating common idea on solving the problem of Violence which will benefit the whole region which has 858 schools. Economic life reflected the social life, seasonal worker immigration to the region started with the planting of the cotton. Our city started to take intensive immigration from the years 1970 especially from the Southeast cities of Turkey. The 38.6% of the people who have come to Adana with immigration are from the Southeast Anatolian Region citizens. 61,4% are the people who have come from East and other cities. Generally,the reason of the problems come from:
-Non planned urbanization,
-Immense piled population,
-Being a ghetto,
-Unhealthy life,
-Low education,
-Insufficient employment and enormous unemployment.

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